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GH3 is basically a kind of growth hormone contained in some anti aging GH3 hormone supplements. For a variety of health reasons including - but not limited to - delaying the aging process, GH3 is being widely used in other products as well. The main function of the body's growth hormones is to maintain growth and metabolism. Our body produces this hormone naturally but its level declines when we enter our 20s. At this age, we begin to lose muscle and bone strength, appetite, concentration levels and energy. We lose interest in sports and other physical activities. When we take GH3 supplements, it triggers a beneficial chain reaction that can improve our overall health and well-being as our age matures.

GH3, a completely safe hormone, amplifies levels of neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. Adequate levels of these neurotransmitters give the

following benefits:
Dopamine - this neurotransmitter leaves you feeling pleasant and well-motivated. This is considered as the "happy" hormone, providing your body with the chemicals it need to enjoy positive feelings including the feeling of being youthful.

Serotonin - this neurotransmitter is responsible for sound and regular sleep, stable appetite, and sexual enthusiasm. A person who is lacking in serotonin is bound to suffer from migraines, anxiety disorders, depression and irritable bowel syndrome.

Norephinephrines - Since a decline in memory retention comes with old age, so does our ability to stay mentally alert. Thus, to keep ourselves young, norephinephrines are needed to help keep us stay mentally alert.

An anti aging GH3 hormone supplement not only increases our neurotransmitter level, it also contributes to the production of Acetylcholine which increases energy level as well as regulates memory and sensory signals.

An additional benefit is that GH3 prevents or treats Para Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA) deficiency that causes wrinkles and hair loss. PABA is an antioxidant that fights free radicals in the body. When a person is deficient of PABA, signs of aging start to show. PABA helps the body to produce Folic Acid, Thiamine and Vitamin K. These are the benefits from having enough Folic Acid, Thiamine and Vitamin K in the body:

Folic Acid - Folic acid can prevent forms of cancer such as colon and breast cancers in women. Folic acid is also recommended for pregnant women as this lowers the chances of birth defects in babies such as cleft lips. Folic acid are found in foods like green vegetables, poultry and nuts.

Thiamine - This helps the body metabolize and produce energy. Effective metabolizing of fat and carbohydrates is good for maturing skin.

Vitamin K - Vitamin K is responsible for maintaining strong muscles and bones as well as for healthy hair and skin.

Different people need different amount of GH3 hormones in their body. The regular dose to be taken, however, is usually once or twice a day. However, there are some people who find GH3 too energizing and stimulating. They are usually advised to take less GH3 by taking it in between intervals. Although GH3 is considered to be generally safe, it may have slight side effects on people who are already taking anti-depressants
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