Anti Wrinkle Solutions

Anti Wrinkle Solutions
It is said that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra used sour milk as a skin treatment often bathing in it and applying it to her face and it would appear that Cleo may have been on to something centuries ago. As it turns out, sour milk can contain high amounts of lactic acid that just happens to be one of several types of alpha hydroxyl acid. AHA is a substance that has gained a great deal of popularity recently in the battle against skin aging. Referred to a fruit acid or glycolic acid, the AHA used in cosmetic products is very often derived from sugar crops like sugar beets and sugar cane. Other sources of AHA include lactic acid from dairy products and citric acid derived from citrus fruits. The simple explanation for how AHA works on the skin is that it acts as an acid, helping to defoliate the top layer of skin by removing dead skin cells.

AHA and its cousin beta hydroxyl acid or BHA have found their way into an ever increasing number of skin care products that have shown to give users a fighting chance in the war against skin wrinkles and other results of natural skin aging. In addition to commercially available products, a quick look into cyberspace shows a variety of homemade recipes that call for using everything from apple cider vinegar, brown sugar and milk products. AHA and BHA treatments are also available in a medical setting with many doctors offering patients an alternative to do-it-yourself recipes or over-the-counter compounds.

The use of AHA is not without risks or side effects but in general the benefits of using a good quality over-the-counter product or treatment by a physician may reduce the downside. Skin texture and skin sensitivity varies widely from one person to another and not all AHA products are created equal. The amount of AHA in a particular product can vary as can the recommended amount of time the product remains in contact with the skin. In general, prescription products or compounds used in a medical setting high much higher concentrations of AHA than those products that can be purchased over-the-counter. Given all of these variables, making sure you get reliable information about possible side effects and proper application is absolutely vital.

Physicians will typically use AHA to facilitate the process known as chemical peels or skin peeling. The solutions used by doctors can have a much higher concentration of AHA than the solutions that are available over-the-counter. The process of chemically peeling facial skin causes the upper layer of the skin to blister. The dead skin eventually peels away and leaves behind a new upper layer of skin that in theory is smoother and fresher looking.

A potential problem related to chemical skin peels is the availability of some do-it-yourself products and self-described practitioners who claim to be able to perform the procedure without the benefit any medical training whatsoever. Seeking the services of an unlicensed practitioner may be an invitation to trouble. By its very nature the process of applying a caustic solution to the skin causes damage to the skin. Using a solution with too high a concentration of AHA or leaving the solution on the surface of the skin too long can cause unintended damage. If you have any doubts about how an AHA solution may affect your skin always seek the advice of a qualified medical professional before using the product. Waiting until after the may be painful, expensive and permanent. AHA product.

AHA has shown tremendous potential in the advance of skin and properly used can give your skin a more youthful glow that your friends are sure to notice.

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