Ensuring smooth flow of energy

Taking a cue from Osho, Amrit Sadhana explains a simple night meditation which helps dissolve energy blocks and ensure smooth flow of energy in the body

It often happens that meditators get disheartened when their efforts at meditation do not go deep enough. One of the reasons for not getting results from meditation is the presence of emotional or energy blocks in the body which hinder the flow of energy. Osho shares a simple night meditation technique which helps in dissolving such blocks. Before you go to sleep at night, just lie down and turn the lights off. Lie down under your blanket, and try to feel that your body is dying. Start from the toes and feel that they are dying and move slowly upwards; the legs are dying, the thighs are dying; go on moving upwards and let the feeling of death envelop the entire body. It will take at least five to seven minutes; slowly you will reach the head and feel that your entire body is dead. When you feel that all is dead, finished, that the body is a corpse, do a small meditation which will be of immense help. “Start feeling that great light is entering from the head, golden light — as if suddenly a sun has risen and is pouring all its gold into you. It is going in, going in, going in... the whole body has become a hollow bamboo and light is falling in and passing through like a flood, and exiting from the toes. For five minutes let this happen, then after five minutes, you need not look at the watch, just approximately, change the whole process. Now, start thinking of a dark energy, negative — like a dark night with not a single star in it, a dark energy flow entering from the toes, moving upwards, filling the hollow body, and going out from the head. Five minutes of that, and then go to sleep." The result of this simple process is astounding. It synchronises the positive and negative energy inside the body, the man and woman, the yin and yang, life and death.
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