Pregnancy Calculator

Pregnancy Calculator
Pregnancy is the gateway to maintain human generating incarnation. Ever since man has known about sex and nature’s wonderful process of gifting babies, women invariably wish to become mothers on priority after they get married. Conceiving pregnancy is the juncture from where series of necessary health related precautions and measures demand to be taken care of. The first thing after becoming pregnant is the expected date of delivering the baby. There is a systematic calculation behind this which is called the pregnancy calculator.

A few different methods that are widely being used for calculating the pregnancy due dates such as:
Using the date of last menstrual period-LMP: According to this typical method of calculations, the first day of the last menstrual period of the woman is used to calculate the probable due date. Simply by adding 280 days to the first day of the woman’s immediate last menstrual period. It is based on the known perception that the woman would have ovulated 14 days from the first day of her last menstrual period and probably conceived on that very day to which the gestation period of 266 days are added i.e. 266 + 14 = 280. This is the most usual method known all over as the pregnancy calculator. The only disadvantage of this calculator is that the exact determination of ovulation and date of conceiving may be difficult to ascertain.
Naegle's Rule: The method suggests backward count i.e. counting three months backward from the first date of woman’s last menstrual period-LMP is done and then 7 days are added to the remnant. Thus the resultant date is the probable due date of delivering the baby.
With the help of Basal Body temperature-BBT and Luteinizing Hormone-LH: This is also a type of pregnancy calculator which uses the ovulation date derived by tracking the increase in basal body temperature-BBT and surge of Luteinizing Hormone-LH. Then 266 days are added to such ovulation date to get the tentatively expected date of delivering the baby. However, the precise calculation like when the BBT is increasing or when the LH is surging is rather difficult to ascertain.
Calculating by using the date of pregnancy conception: If the woman remembers the precise date on which she has conceived, then just by adding 266 days to that particular date would give you the probable date of your delivering the baby. However, it is rather impractical to know the exact date of pregnancy conception.
Through Ultrasonic sound system results: The age of the baby in the mother’s womb could well be ascertained through the use of pregnancy ultrasound system for making the due date calculations easier. We can get only the tentative delivery date using such method and not the precise calculation. This is because of the inborn problems of ascertaining the necessary data by such pregnancy calculators. Statistics state that just below 5 percent of the ladies deliver on due dates.
Pregnancy calculators are essential as human nature believes in certainty so waiting for the baby’s arrival without knowing the precise date may be rather frustrating and stressful. The pregnancy calculators provide us the nearing horizon of happiness.
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