Skin care in 30’s

Skin care in 30’s
With the first signs of aging beginning to show, skincare in the thirties has evolved from working exclusively on prevention to a heavy dose of skin treatment as well. It is important for women in their 30's to build on the skin care regimen of the 20's - typically a cleanser, exfoliating product, and moisturizer - by incorporating anti-aging formulas. One such product is an eye cream. Look for eye creams that include Retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, copper, and vitamin C, because they stimulate collagen growth. Ingredients like vitamin K, kojic acid, and hydroquinone lighten the dark circles around the eyes.
Fine lines will also appear on the rest of the face, which is due to a lack of collagen. Retinoid products work by stimulating collagen production, and can reduce brown spots, smooth wrinkles, and fight other signs of aging. They also help treat acne. Another important skincare step is using serums daily, which will penetrate deep into the skin and provide hydration, giving radiance to a dull complexion. They should be used before a moisturizer.
Just like the face, hands will show signs of aging, such as sun spots, discoloration, and a dry cracked surface. Choose lotions with ingredients like glycerin and shea butter, or use an emollient option such as a thick face cream or hand balm - and don't forget that sunscreen isn't only for the face.
The skincare regimen in the 30's will contain many steps - sunscreen, cleanser, exfoliating product, eye cream, serum, and other anti-aging products, but remember that young and beautiful skin is irreplaceable! And be sure to research anti-aging products before purchasing, or better yet, talk to a dermatologist. All in all, healthy skin is about healthy habits; drinking, smoking, and sunbathing will quickly show their negative effects on both skin and body, so consider this before buying every anti-aging product on the market.
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