Choosing your exercise routine

Each of us is born with a unique proportion of three doshas which create us physically, intellectually and emotionally Ayurveda recommends physical exercise in accordance with a person’s dosha type. For example, Kapha dominant people require strenuous exercise and Vata dominant people require the least strenuous exercise. Pitta dominant people have to find a balance between the two extremes.
If you have a large muscular body then kapha is your dominant dosha. If your muscular and physical development is more modest then you should put yourself in the Vata category, which requires light exercises. If you are somewhere between the two then you should put yourself in the Pitta category. For Kapha types running, weight training, aerobics, rowing and dance are appropriate. For Vata types yoga, aerobics, light bicycling and walking are excellent exercises. Too much exercise can throw Vata out of balance. Pitta types are well suited for jogging, running, hiking, mounting, climbing and swimming.
An excellent ayurvedic exercise that focuses on breathing is the Kapalabhati, which is a breathing exercise equivalent to jogging or light cardio and clears metabolic wastes from the body. The technique consists of short, powerful exhalations, each followed by a passive inhalation. To begin, sit with your back straight, either on the floor or in a chair. Correct posture is important because the abdominal muscles must be able to relax thoroughly when you inhale. Once your posture is established, begin breathing through your nose to establish a rhythm of deep even breaths. Just when you’re about to exhale, contract your stomach muscles quickly and powerfully, which will force air out through your nostrils. The Kapalbhati should be practiced 2-3 hours after taking a meal for about 15 minutes, seven days a week
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