According to, threading is used for “removing hair at the root…Rows of stray hairs are yanked out with twists of cotton thread” and there are many positive benefits to threading. It is quick, efficient, more precise than tweezing, less painful than waxing and some practitioners feel it will cause hair to grow back finer and softer. Threading is also becoming far more mainstream, and qualified talented threadists can be found in spas and salons fairly easily. Threading is not only useful for shaping the brow, but also beards, hairlines and mustaches for men. Because threading causes less irritation and redness than other hair removal methods, it is also a time-saver and can easily be done at lunch or before or after work.

For people with sensitive skin, or taking certain medications such as Retin-A or Accutane, threading is ideal because it does not stress the skin as does waxing or sugaring. And not only medications, but if you are acne-prone or have rosacea, threading respects the delicate state of skin struggling with these conditions and should not cause further redness or irritation. In terms of cost, threading is cost-effective and possibly even cheaper than other methods, especially since repeated treatments will cause the hair to grow back more sparsely. The effects of threading should last from two to three weeks and according to Le Petit Spa in Vancouver, hair should grow back more slowly after threading.

Post-threading, if the skin feels itchy or irritable, apply Peter Thomas Roth Aloe-Cort Cream. Hydrocortisone will calm the itchiness while the aloe vera will sooth redness. Or try SkinCeuticals Revitalizing Toner. With soothing botanicals, this toner will moisturize the skin with chamomile and calm irritation.

Ready to give threading a try? Ask a friend, check the local yellow pages or stop into your favorite spa and check into your options. Seek out a specialist or practitioner of this art and see what threading can do for your unibrow!
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