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Herbwalk Inc., the leader in antioxidant wine therapy skin care, announces the unveiling of Le Vin™, the first wine therapy face care line combining cosmeceuticals and organics at Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas on July 15, 2007. By using high concentrations of peptides and organic herbal extracts, Le Vin™ is the first organics-based skin care line to deliver physician-grade results.

There will be six products initially in the Le Vin™ line: 1) Toning Cleanser, 2) Tri-Enzyme Exfoliation Mask, 3) Intense Hydro-Recovery Mask, 4) Eye Serum, 5) Face Serum, and 6) Face Cream. The first three will be for professional use only while the latter three are for both professional and take-home care. Unique to Le Vin™ is the patent-pending Vita-Vino Actif™. This super potent anti-oxidant complex is a unique combination of vitamins, Chardonnay grape seed extract and resveratrol, which brings about robust performance in stimulating cell regeneration, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, evening out skin tone, and protecting against free radical damage. Vita-Vino Actif™ can be found in the Eye Serum, Face Serum and Face Cream.

In recent months, the popularity for Herbwalk's body line, OLAVIE™ Chardonnay wine therapy spa products, has manifested into a growing international sensation that has resulted in widespread media attention in both wine and beauty industries. Magazines that recently featured OLAVIE™ products and spas offering OLAVIE™ body treatments include major American and foreign publications such as Lucky (2/07), Life & Style (3/07), Gala (Germany, 5/07), and Wine Enthusiast (7/07). "I am glad that people are finally waking up to amazing benefits of wine therapy in skin care," says Ken Heng, Director of Marketing and Sales at Herbwalk Inc. "When we first started selling to spas, many people thought wine therapy only belonged in the wine country. However, with the tremendous success many of our clients have been experiencing in non-wine producing areas as diverse as Nashville, TN and Colorado Springs, CO, many spas are finally realizing skin care can be fun and effective at the same time!"

Originating in wine country, wine therapy uses grape seed extract for anti-aging purposes in skin care. According to research, grape seed polyphenols, which are antioxidant compounds found in grape seeds, form a protective layer on the skin and stimulate the renewal of cells and collagen. Polyphenols also clear up free radicals, which damage and age cells.

OLAVIE™, exclusively incorporating the specific Chardonnay grape seed extract in its spa products, has had great success outside of wine country in the US, Canada, and Mexico -- being featured in popular hotels and resorts including The Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton. "We believe the reason wine therapy is taking off in the hotel/resort spa market is that this treatment concept is the only one that can take advantage of cross-marketing opportunities offered by their Food & Beverage and Events Departments," says Ken Heng. Le Vin™ will be available at select medical spas and high-end spas starting August, 2007.

Herbwalk is the leader in wine-based spa treatments and products. For more information, visit the company's website at or contact Joe Senart at 303-809-9811 or Joe.Senart(@)
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