Anti-wrinkle jabs can damage facial tissues

Just give a second thought before having anti-wrinkle jabs which may reduce or eliminate wrinkles and frown lines temporarily to make you look young — the nonsurgical injections could cause permanent damage.
Researchers in Europe have carried out a study and found that the antiwrinkle injections, which act by relaxing the muscles, could damage the facial tissue permanently, the Daily Mail reported. “As many as one in 20 of those who have filler injections may end up with irreversible damage to subcutaneous tissue — the layer of fat underneath their skin — and their fibrous connective tissue.
“All of the permanent fillers are creating, from time to time, serious problems with bumps and deformities, and sometimes you have to operate,” lead researcher Dr Daniel Marchac, a French cosmetic surgeon, was quoted as saying. In fact, the researchers came to the conclusion after examining 25 patients with irreversible damage to their facial tissue. “They were victims of abuse of jabs by practitioners who inject too much filler,” Dr Marchac said.
The team has already asked 900 surgeons for more evidence to support the study. “All serious plastic surgeons agree one should avoid permanent fillers. We will see in the future patients of 50 who have had 15 years of fillers, with fibrous, tough tissue we won't be able to do anything with.
“The serious things are the permanent fillers, and the second is abuse of resolvable fillers,” the researcher was quoted by the daily as saying.
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