Meditation is a process of taking you from a disturbed level of consciousness which is relative to space and time (waking, dreaming and sleeping state) to an undisturbed level of consciousness, which is nonlocal, unbound by space and time. Our sages referred to this state as pure silence — Atma Darshan — Thuria, which ultimately leads to cosmic consciousness, divine consciousness or unified consciousness. It is this pure silence, which is the field of pure potentiality, infinite possibilities, creativity, eternity, divinity, selfrealisation, fulfilment and salvation. Meditation helps rediscover the quietness within us and doesn’t force our mind to be quiet. Thought is a mental activity, between each thought there is a gap. By meditation, we can experience this gap (pure silence). It allows us to discover who we really are, our purpose in life and how we can achieve eternal bliss. There is a nice Vedic expression, which says, “Yatha pinday, tatha brahmaanday!” As is the atom, so is the universe; as is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm; as is the universal body, so is the cosmic body; as is the universal mind, so is the cosmic mind. Meditation integrates all component of health. We are the expressions or the manifestations or the products of interaction between the microcosm, what we call the internal environment, and the macrocosm is what we call the external environment. The whole universe or the cosmos is like a cosmic computer and we have sixty trillion cells in our body where trillions of chemical reactions are occurring every second in accordance with the laws of nature. These cells act like the terminals of the cosmic computer, and the programmer is our mind. Our mind is an expression of cosmic mind and our energy is an expression of cosmic energy. Our mental universe has impact on the physical universe. Every bit of the universe is in us and every bit of us is in universe. We are the holographic expression (hologram) of entire universe and vice versa.
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