The religion of the future will consist of the realisation that the infinite love and joy of God form our own deepest reality, and that God is our true Self. For just as matter is energy, so energy is but a manifestation of thought, thought but a manifestation of consciousness, and consciousness, in its ultimate refinement, is nothing but the Divine out of which all things, all beings, and our own selves are created. Yoga deals not only with mental and physical techniques of selfdevelopment, but with direct control of the inner energy (pranayama). It will come to be recognised as an actual science of religion. It will become the human science par excellence for this age. Yoga meditation practices will be used as a means of putting people in touch with their superconscious, and enable them to guide their lives by soul-intuition. The direction of our energy influences whether we experience increasing happiness or unhappiness. The following yogic practices will help you to experience God’s love and joy amid your daily activities:
One of the most effective aids to spiritual progress is to hold one’s attention calmly at the point between the eyebrows even during daily life. Modern neuroscience has revealed that when one’s energy and attention are strongly focused in the forebrain, it is impossible to be carried away by negative emotions.
By controlling and relaxing the breath, we can influence the mind to become calm. When you feel nervous or worried, practice deep breathing: inhale to a count of 12 (or whatever is comfortable). Then hold the breath to a count of 12, and exhale to a count of 12. As you feel energy collecting in the area of the heart, direct the heart’s natural love upward towards God, at the point between the eyebrows.
By praying for the world or for the welfare of others, you will inevitably be moving towards the goal of meditation: an expansion of your consciousness. The best time to pray for yourself or others is when your mind is calm and your heart is pure.
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