Winter skin care

Winter is upon us and winter skin care is probably on your mind. This time of year not only brings us some of the most beautiful scenes on postcards or paintings, but it also brings us a need for dry skin treatment. As you picture the images of snow capped mountains, tree limbs encapsulated in a sleeve of ice under the glow of a brilliant sun, and a blanket of fresh fallen snow as it lies smoothly on the ground, keep in mind also that it is critical during this beautiful season to protect the largest organ of the human body - our skin.
As seasons change from fall to winter, we need to focus on winter skin care. As the temperature becomes colder, our skin changes as well, and dry skin treatment becomes a necessity. During the winter, do you ever notice subtle flaking or chapping of the skin around the areas of the nose and mouth? Since the face is usually exposed, cold air depletes moisture from your skin. When you go inside, warm air from heating systems will extract more moisture from your skin.
So the question arises, "What winter skin care can a person use to prevent his or her skin from flaking or chapping?" Dry skin treatment includes cleansing and treating the skin, moisturizing the skin, changing some environmental factors and being smart about one's diet or supplemental regimen.
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