Cosmetic surgery

Looks do matter and men in urban India are willingly going under the scalpel to improve their face value. More and more men are opting for nose jobs, liposuction, tummy tucks and other surgeries. And the surprising part is even the economically weak, in their attempts to become ‘marriageable’, are finding these techniques useful and are saving for cosmetic surgery.
And it’s not just men in their late twenties and thirties, even youngsters seem keen to have perfect features and the numbers are swelling, say top surgeons in the state. Liposuction, cosmetic surgery and facelift procedures range from Rs 15,000 to a few lakhs.
And the best bit is: salons and surgeons offer tempting packages like weekend facelifts or lunch break facelifts, which even enable men to return to work immediately afterwards. Cosmetic surgery results from an increasing awareness of the fact that an option of betterment is available.
Thomas had wanted a slim nose for very long. This 23-year-old student contacted a surgeon. He says, “After that, I was convinced that this does not involve any risk. Today I am satisfied with the result.” Surgeon Himanshu Naik reveals, “A steady rise in the number of cosmetic surgeries is a result of the improved lifestyle and the fact that most of these procedures are affordable. The concept seems to have found many takers among men.”
Daniel, a surgeon, says, “The most common type of cosmetic surgeries are face and body fitting which include rhinoplasty, breast upliftment, eyelid surgery, ear shaping, lip surgery, fat grafting, liposuction and hair transplant. Men prefer liposuction, rhinoplasty and hair transplant. Out of every 10 patients, three are men.”
So you want to have cosmetic surgery. Maybe a little lift here, a little tightening or contouring there. It's easy to take a trip to the doctor's office to discuss your options. During the surgery itself, it can take a few hours and then you're done. But what happens when the bandages come off? Unsightly swelling, skin sensitivity and bruising are all common side effects of cosmetic surgery. Aside from dealing with the pain, how do you go about your normal skin care routine? Easy...there are a number of helpful skincare products out on the market that are devoted to helping you ease through the process of recovery, and ensure that your skin stays happy and healthy.
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