anti oxidant

One of the newest ingredients on the market is Coffeeberry. This anti-oxidant rich fruit, or berry, of the coffee tree is also an anti-inflammatory. Early studies are suggesting that this bright red berry may be a more powerful anti-oxidant than blueberries or green tea.

Vitamin C is another highly sophisticated and luxurious skincare ingredient and is available in a variety of products. Vitamin C formulas will help boost collagen production as well as refine existing lines and wrinkles. Designed specifically to target environmental aging, the ingredients in these formulas will maximize skincare expenditures while providing anti-aging and skin-reviving benefits.

Luxury shampoos and conditioners are packed with dozens of herb and flower extracts, as well as vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. These advanced formulas are intense treats for the hair and scalp that will protect and repair the hair after any sort of chemical treatment, such as permanents or color.

For anyone who is looking for a step-up from daily skincare yet isn't ready for plastic surgery, a luxury skincare purchase may just be the best bet
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