Getting rid of those pesky veins

While most women would like to get rid of their spider veins due to cosmetic reasons, larger varicose veins can be truly uncomfortable.

Several facilities in the region offer laser vein therapy as a means of removing unsightly veins (small facial veins, spider veins and large blue leg veins) from all parts of the body. However knotty varicose veins may require more expertise.

"Although varicose veins can attack anyone, most patients with varicose veins present in their 40's, 50's and 60's," says James Robelen, MD, FACS, founder and medical director of Southern Illinois Vein Center in Marion. "Women often notice varicose veins during their pregnancy."

According to Robelen, who diagnoses and treats vein disorders, including varicose and spider veins, his patients are mostly women in their 50's who have tolerated their varicose veins since their 30's, but are suddenly seeing an explosion of veins all over the place and are having to put up their feet at the end of the day.

"They have so many veins that it's distressful to them," Robelen says. "They are unable to wear shorts in public or feel confident about themselves."

Fortunately help is available in order to improve your appearance and relieve your pain.

"Several technologies have come together in the last ten years to advance the diagnosis and treatment of venous disease," Robelen says. "Ultrasound has markedly improved from the big giant units of yesteryear to the small, portable, affordable units with improved resolution. The other thing that has improved is the laser treatment itself."

Using ultrasound to guide the laser into the vein, Robelen uses energy from the laser fiber to heat and seal the vein closed in a minimally invasive procedure.

Offering a variety of services including endovenous laser ablation, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and microphlebectomy, Robelen says he uses a combination of modalities and therapies to treat varicose and spider veins.

"About a fifth of patients with spider veins will have valve disease attributable to superficial veins," Robelen says. "So we try to attack the superficial vein." With minimum downtime, most clients drive to his office, get the procedure done and drive back home.
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