Anti Aging Remedies

Things you can do to halt aging

Sun: The more you expose yourself to the sun, the more wrinkles and fine lines you develop. Experts agree that using sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays, everyday, is the best antiaging measure you can take.

"Remember that sunlight needs to be addressed even on cloudy days with sunscreen," says Margie Nahass, PA-C, who offers the first FDA-approved sunscreen in 18 years - Anthelios SX - at her practice.

Cigarettes: Recent studies have confirmed that cigarette smoking leads to premature facial wrinkling. "Cigarettes really are the bad guys," says Nelson Gauto, MD, plastic and cosmetic surgeon. "They cause more wrinkles, deeper lines, decrease the quality of the skin, and break down the elastic fiber in collagen." Not smoking, following a good diet and hydrating yourself sufficiently everyday are simple measures you can take to remain younger-looking longer.

Supplements: Since the skin is always turning over, it's also important for us to have the building blocks - feed our skin the right kind of food to help it along.

"There are certain kinds of supplements out there that you can take to improve the collagen production of your skin," says Linda Hostalek, DO.

"We offer a lemonade drink here that has collagen and hyaluronic acid as its main ingredients. Manufactured by a compounding pharmacy, it's an anti-aging drink that works really nice. The other thing I recommend is Catalyn(r) (a multivitamin brand) and pharmaceutical grade fish oils like Pharmex and Nordic Naturals."

Products: Products with retinols, vitamin C and glycolic acids can reverse the signs of aging and give you more bang for the buck. "You may need to put on up to three different products," Gauto says. "But stay away from products that say they have collagen and elastin."

The reason being that even though they may contain these ingredients, the body doesn't absorb them, because the molecules are too big to penetrate our skin pores. "That's the reason collagen is injectable and not a surface application," Gauto says.

Tricks: Other inexpensive tricks, Gauto recommends, include the use of green tea bags for eradicating dark circles over time and purchasing over-the-counter hemorrhoid medication that can help decrease crow's feet. Though not designed for it, hemorrhoid medication can apparently make the skin remarkably smooth.

Credentials: With hundreds of anti aging skin care products on the shelves everywhere, the best advice you can get is from your dermatologist, plastic surgeon or a trained skin care professional who can help you select the products that are right for your individual skin type.

Make sure you are getting treated by a qualified professional. "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is," Nahass says. "If an ad for Botox in a bottle pops up on your home page, while you are surfing the net - be wary."

Prevention: "We need to take care of ourselves as children," says family physician, Kristen Jacobs, MD. "Start way young. I don't know about reversing aging - prevention is a much better approach. It's so much easier to prevent than to fix."
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