Plasma Skin Regeneration

Lasers have definitely garnered a respectable if not envious place in the world of corrective skin therapy. This new standing also makes lasers subject to much criticism and the chance to be dethroned as a primary minimally invasive skin treatment. One therapy looking to steal attention away from laser cosmetic surgery is the plasma skin regeneration system.

Like laser treatments and even deep chemical peels, the Portrait (registered trademark) system allows precise and rapid treatment of aged skin by creating controlled heat-induced wounds on the skin. However, the similarities end there.

The Portrait uses radio frequency energy to convert nitrogen gas into plasma within a handpiece. Plasma is the fourth state of matter, after liquids, solids and gases. Briefly, a plasma is a like a gas with energy to spare.

In the Portrait treatment, the plasma quickly releases energy to the skin, which simultaneously heats the skin. Unlike the lasers, in which pigments in the skin absorb energy from the lasers, the Portrait system treats the skin evenly irreverent to skin pigmentation.

According to a study in Lasers in Medical Science, a full-face treatment with the Portrait device resulted in minimal downtime and facial peeling. Once the patients underwent the Portrait treatment, they experienced redness and swelling 24-48 hours later. Within seven days, the skin had healed completely. Upon, follow up, the treated skin exhibited increased strength and collagen growth.

The Portrait may be a superb option for patients seeking cosmetic treatments to remove damaged skin but you do not want to endure burned skin nor wait for the skin to heal until they can unabashedly socialize once again.

Other factors to consider with the plasma skin regeneration treatment includes costs and the availability of a Portrait skin treatment expert in your area. Whichever treatment you opt for, ask your aesthetic physician to view samples of Portrait and deep Laser cosmetic therapies she has administered to patients within the past six months. This treatment preview should also help you set realistic expectations for the outcomes of your corrective skin care treatment
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