minimize the signs of aging

"Tanda helps cure existing blemishes and prevent further outbreaks before they start. All while accelerating healing to reduce the chance of scarring and minimize the signs of aging."

How it works
The system consists of one hand-held device and two treatment heads. It uses LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy, a common dermatology treatment. The acne-fighting head (Tanda Clear) uses blue lights to kill the P. acnes bacteria that cause outbreaks. The anti-aging head (Tanda Regenerate) uses red lights to stimulate collagen production.

How to use it
Put on the appropriate head, press the button and press it against the face. The Tanda goes through a three-minute cycle. For best results, hold the head against each target area for three minutes, twice a day. It gets a bit warm, but it's painless.

The results
The Clear head produced significant results. For comparison, one side of the face was treated while the other was not. The untreated side soon broke out with new blemishes as normal, while the treated side continued to clear up. The new blemishes, when targeted, healed at a remarkably quick rate. Within 24 hours, inflammation and redness were greatly reduced, leaving the blemishes as small spots easily covered by a bit of makeup. The effects of the Regenerate head were less noticeable: Skin texture was slightly improved, but wrinkles, alas, remained.

The bottom line
For adults (and teenagers) still struggling with acne, the Tanda is a good purchase. But keep in mind it is not intended for severe cases and you still need to wash your face and apply topical treatments. The biggest caveat: It works only when you use it. Sounds obvious enough, but the risk of the Tanda languishing like a well-intended gym membership is high. Treating the entire face can take almost 20 minutes. But if you're willing to invest the money, surely you can invest the time.
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