Face darkening

Do skin allergies on the face lead to darkening?
Recurrent allergies lead to itching and scratching of the skin. Initially, there is redness and inflammation. However, as the condition becomes chronic, the redness evolves into skin darkening seen as hyper pigmentation, dark circles and excess tanning of the face.
What are the facial allergies that commonly lead to darkening?
More than 50 per cent of the cases of face darkening are caused due to sun exposure. The worst affected are those who work on-site like building contractors, civil engineers, land developers and people with field jobs like marketing and sales. The second most common allergy is caused due to the accumulation of sweat and oil on the face. Darkening in such cases appears characteristically around the mouth and nose corners. Allergies that happen due to faulty cosmetics and eyeliners are also quite common. This is seen as darkened and wrinkled skin around the eyes and the central area of the face.
Is there treatment for skin darkening on the face?
Treatment involves diagnosing and correcting the underlying cause. In the case of sun allergy for instance, while oral medication helps resolve the allergy internally, external applications deal with the pigmentation. Similarly, nutrition therapy also plays an important role. Foods like watermelon and cucumber are very effective in dealing with certain facial allergies.
Do gels and peels make for good treatment?
Gels, peels and other local applications work by removing the superficial layers of skin within a few minutes. They are therefore effective from the point of view of providing fast relief. However, they will not complete the treatment because the underlying cause which still persists makes the new skin as pigmented as before and the face darkens. This is why many people get frustrated with fairness creams over a period of time.
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