impact of diverse hair treatment

How safe are procedures like straightening, perming and ironing?
While there are some people who get adversely affected by it, there are others who are not affected at all. If the technician performing these procedures does not know what he/she is doing, then the hair can be really messed up. I treated a doctor who got her hair straightened at a well known beauty saloon. There was a lot of irritation in her scalp while the chemicals were being applied, but the beautician ignored it. She lost a huge chunk of hair on the top of her head at the end of the procedure and had developed an allergy to these chemicals.
How exactly are hair procedures performed?
A single hair shaft is made of disulphide bonds, which provide the structural integrity of the hair. The way these bonds are attached to each other determines the shape of the hair shaft as either straight wavy or curly. In procedures like straightening or perming, these disulphide bonds are broken down and then quickly reformed to the desired shape. So while wavy hair is reshaped to look straight, the reverse is done while perming. If the process of reforming these bonds is not done correctly, the hair shaft is damaged. A sample analysis showed that almost every person who undergoes these procedures would suffer hair loss from the third procedure onwards.
So like the story of the
genie in the bottle — we get three chances here too, which we have to use carefully.
What goes wrong during hair procedures?
To make a bent rod straight, you will first need to heat it to extreme temperatures and then rapidly cool it to the desired shape. Do it the first time and its still okay. But keep repeating this procedure and the rod eventually weakens and breaks. This is what happens to the hair shaft as well.
What’s the solution for hair loss caused by hair procedures?
The bonds need to be reformed and re-strengthened. Shampoos don’t help because the damaged amino acid bonds need to be corrected internally. But if you already have a preexisting hair loss condition these procedures can be very damaging.
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