How Human Hair Grows

How Human Hair Grows: The Hair Cycle
To best understand the problems of hair loss, you must first understand how hair grows. Hair does not grow like grass. If it did you would expect every hair to be growing at the same rate on your scalp. At the end of a even period of time all the hairs would end their life span together and fall out together. This would leave you totally bald until a new crop began to grow. The hair growth cycle, which is affected by many things, prevents these episodes of total baldness. Every hair is growing at a different rate on your scalp. At any one time about 80% of the hairs are in a growing phase. About 15% have stopped growing and are waiting to enter the stage when they can fall. About 5% of the hairs are available to fall at any given point in time. You can normally lose up to 500 hairs per day. Once a hair falls, the body immediately gets busy in growing a new hair.
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