remedies for hair loss

Hair loss is becoming a nagging problem for people in all age groups. With some simple tips and remedies that you can try out at home, you can control and prevent excessive hair loss.
Massaging the scalp with the tips of your fingers for a couple of minutes everyday, can help stimulate hair growth. This is because it increases blood flow to the brain.
Aromatherapy Mix six drops of lavender and bay oil with four ounces of almond, soybean, or sesame oil. Rub this onto the scalp and let it stay for 20 minutes.This stimulates blood flow to the brain, encouraging hair growth.
Aloe vera Aloe heals any wounds on the scalp and also maintains its pH level. It also cleans and opens up hair pores. A small quantity of aloe vera extract with wheat germ oil and coconut milk makes for an excellent conditioner.
Exercise Regular exercise is generally good for the body as it improves blood flow, increases oxygen supply to cells, helps in digestion, and aids other processes that ultimately lead to healthy hair roots.
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