Drop expectations to enjoy life

Taking a cue from Osho, Amrit Sadhana says that life is pregnant with the unknown. The only way to get rid of frustration is to drop expectations and accept this unknown with gratitude

Why do our relationships turn sour? Why are we disappointed by life? Why doesn’t success bring the happiness we expect? One answer to all these questions: because of unrealistic expectations.
Expectations by their inherent nature are a neverending cycle. To expect means to look at and speculate on beyond what you have in the present. It is avarice that drives you on towards impossible horizons and your expectations become a wall between you and reality. You fail to see the real person, or the real situation. This is why even if your expectations are fulfiled, you remain unfulfilled. And if your expectations are not fulfiled, you feel frustrated.
Osho suggests a third alternative: meditate on your expectations. Look deeply into their nature and their structure. Just by looking consciously they become blurry and eventually begin to dissolve.
“Once you drop expectations you have learned to live. Then whatever happens fulfils you. You never feel frustrated because in the first place you never expected. Frustration is a shadow of expectation. With expectation dropped, frustration drops on its own accord.
Once expectations are not there you are free to move into and accept the unknown with deep gratitude. Whatever the situation, you always feel at home.
“When everything happens unexpectedly, everything becomes new. It brings freshness to your life; a fresh
breeze is blowing and it does not allow dust to gather on you. When your doors and your windows are open, sunshine comes in; the breeze blows in, the fragrance of flowers wafts in — everything unexpected. You never asked for it, and existence goes on showering it on you.”
“Life is pregnant with the unknown. Drop the past and die each moment. Never plan for the future; allow life to flow through you. Then you remain in an unfrozen state, flowing.”
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