Hair thinning

Telogen effluvium is a form of abnormal hair loss causing diffused, uneven thinning of hair. The most common cause of telogen effluvium in India are iron and nutritional deficiencies. Other causes include post illness, childbirth, stress, hypothyroidism, diabetes, certain medications like anti hypertensives, anti depressants, discontinuation of contraceptive pills, surgery, chemotherapy. Chemical treatments like hair colouring, perming and straightening can often cause hair loss.
In certain cases, the hair loss is temporary and over a period of time the hair soon recovers. However, hair loss continues in cases where the underlying cause is not identified and treated. Telogen effluvium appears to affect more women than men because women experience more of the precipitating event such as childbirth. While telogen effluvium is often limited to the scalp, it can affect other areas like the eyebrows or pubic region in more serious cases.
There are 40 different types of hair loss conditions, and homeopathy helps treat most of them. The type of hair loss can be identified clinically by a trichologist (specialist in hair related disorders) and with technology like trichoscan and video microscope.
It is not necessary that you need to consult a doctor only when hair loss or balding occurs. You almost lose 50 per cent of your hair density by the time you realise that your hair is thinning. Trichoscan and video microscope helps detect thinning much earlier. In certain diseases like diabetes and polycystic ovarian syndrome, the diameter of your hair starts narrowing and can be detected by a video microscope before the onset of the symptoms. Thinning can be detected early with the help of technology. Treatment given at the right time gives best results
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